‘being normal’ – a feature film.

Director – Dylan Wyn Richards 

Creative Producers – Daniel McGowan & Ben Pettitt-Wade 

Producer (Hijinx) – Sarah Horner 

Producers (Triongl) – Gethin Scourfield and Nora Ostler Spiteri 

In association with Raindog Films 

In early development. A man with learning disabilities and a woman with a troubled past defy their parents, carers and the law by stealing a car and racing through Wales to find a place where they can be free. 

Gritty, funny, grounded but blurring the lines between fiction and documentary, being normal will challenge our view of the world and our preconceptions about people with different, extraordinary minds. ‘being normal’ is based on extensive improvisations on the real-life experiences of the Hijinx actors involved. 

Partly funded by Morrisons Foundation