Creative Enablers

Our Creative Enablers provide on-set support for actors with a learning disability.

Depending on the needs of the individual, this support can help them understand documents before arriving on set, assist with travel, act as a liaison between the actor and any crew for communication support, and make the actor feel more comfortable if they do not have much on-set experience.

By providing a Creative Enabler, the actor maintains their autonomy and feels supported in getting their needs met. As trained experts who understand the needs of the individual, our Creative Enablers can support your cast and crew in their communication and interaction with the learning disabled and/or autistic actor, serving to bolster the skills they learnt in our role-play training.

As part of our Committed Changemakers package of support, you will have access to our network of Creative Enablers who can assist you when hiring and working with learning-disabled and/or autistic talent. Whether you work with Hijinx or non-Hijinx actors, our Creative Enablers will be there to provide the support you need to actively meet the needs of the actor/s you’re working with. 

Our Creative Enablers are also available to hire for any production needs, as an addition to our training package.

If you’re interested in hiring a Creative Enabler, get in touch today:  .

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