Street Theatre

A collection of deliciously entertaining one-act shows, popping up in a foyer, café, street or field near you.

New! Y Gwir – Truth.

We've teamed up with Ramshacklicious, anarchic theatre troublemakers from the South-West who create high quality, subversive, contemporary theatrical experiences, to bring you "Y Gwir – Truth", a unique, roving outdoor performance by a seven strong ensemble of playful troublemakers. A little more about the show… The rebellion arrive – full of hope, fiercely comic and on a mission to disrupt the public norm. The audience join in with the unfurling games, exploring power and control. A curious sense of excitement bubbles, uniting the people in a joyful riot of love! Y Gwir – Truth is a gentle call to action. Is it time for you to be set free?

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Grumpy Unicorns.

As beautiful as moonlight, Unicorns hold a special place in our collective imaginations. And it turns out they are real! But, they’ve got beef. “We’re Unicorns, get over it. We know what you want: to pet us and take pictures and use our magic. But we’ve had enough! Just leave us alone.” Grumpy Unicorns is what it says on the tin; the magic of discovering unicorns are in fact real (!), and humanity’s consequence for failing to take them seriously. This is one glittery GRUMPY walkabout troupe like you’ve never seen before.

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The Astronauts.

Wearing full space suits, a crew of mysterious astronauts arrive on a new planet, only to find that they are not alone. Six intrepid explorers try to understand the strange new world they’ve found themselves in.

Rock Cliché.

“We’re getting the band back together!” Long before there was magician and assistant, golfer and caddy or politician and embarrassment, there was rock star and the put-upon roadie. We meet Rocky Legend and his roadie Dave in a sticky predicament – the four other band members have all died in tragic on-stage accidents… will the show go on? In Rock Cliché, Rocky and Dave play with your senses through the medium of air guitar. And air drums. And air keyboard. Rock on!



A pavement, a lamp post, a car or a shop window make the ideal bed for this strange procession of wandering sleepwalkers. Hundreds of local performers alongside artists from Hijinx (Wales), ClownBaret (Spain) and Koert Dekker (Netherlands) have worked together in cities across Europe to present this walkabout performance with live musical accompaniment. Who knows, perhaps they'll be snoozing in a town near you soon!

Planet-X Radio.

Step into our ramshackle caravan studio where a trusty team of three need help with the Foley for a radio play. "A planet discovers they are soon to be colonized by humanity. But why do they need a new planet, and do they deserve one?" When the audience step into our caravan studio they take on the role of Foley artists for a good ol’ fashioned radio play. Celery sticks become snapping bones and aluminium foil makes thunder. Who knows what twisted path the play will take…