Street Theatre

Street Theatre and Walkabout Performances.

Take a look at the free street theatre performances at this year’s Unity Festival at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, 6 – 7 July.

The Cardiff Food and Drink Festival will also be taking place in Cardiff Bay from 5 – 7 July, so head on down to the Bay for some free street theatre delights and some delicious food – eat while you watch!

The full programme, including timings, as well as more information about the acts and artists will be made available here. Follow @HijinxTheatre on social media for updates as they happen.

The Air Between Us.

By Chloe Loftus (New Zealand). A joyful and awing aerial collaboration that will be performed above the Glanfa stage in the Wales Millennium Centre, The Air Between Us is created and performed by acclaimed New Zealand dancer and choreographer Chloe Loftus and multi award-winning Māori dance artist and wheelchair-user, Rodney Bell.

Steamplant Movement.

By Shedan Theatre (Italy) & Danza Mobile (Spain). Five surreal characters who have survived the Apocalypse march through cities – but what are they looking for? A parade show including clowning, music, beautiful steampunk structures, masks and striking physicality – follow the movement towards a new life filled with hope…

Fresta Poética.

By Dança sem Fronteiras (Brazil). Playful and intriguing, Fresta Poetica is a journey that makes visible the small dances, gestures and motions of all bodies, and the body’s abilities in relation to the surroundings. This project was supported by the BOLSA FUNARTE DE MOBILIDADE ARTÍSTICA 2023.

We Have to Talk | Hem de Parlar.

By Compania Vera Cendoya (Catalonia). HEM DE PARLAR is a dance-theatre street show about family relationships and their conflicts. With a soundtrack of cinematic dialogues and filled with poignancy and humour, We Have To Talk’s movement expresses something that cannot be conveyed through words alone. All this with a soundtrack, created by the company's usual collaborator Adele Madau, made up of different cinematic dialogues.


By Hijinx (Wales) and Ramshacklicious (England). The rebellion arrive – full of hope, fiercely comic and on a mission to disrupt the public norm. The audience join in with the unfurling games, exploring power and control. A curious sense of excitement bubbles, uniting the people in a joyful riot of love! Y Gwir – Truth is a gentle call to action. Is it time for you to be set free?

Pop-Up Pirates.

By EGO Arts (England). The Pirates of Cardiff Bay have docked and they’re starvin’. The juiciest crab in the bay looks very tempting, but two squabbling seagulls have spotted him too. Will Captain Clam get her supper? Will Captain Cobbler feed her desperate crew? Will the seagulls beat them to it? Swash your buckle, shiver your timbers and join the quest.


By Organik Dantza (Basque Country). What happens to our breathing when a situation touches us? What happens when air goes in, but can't come out and everything stops for a few seconds? "Arnasa" travels through all the very different sensations that breathing provokes in us: from those moments of total fullness in which we feel intimately connected; to those dark, irreversible moments, in which we feel the lack of air takes over us, our consciousness and our will.

The Chambermaids.

By Blaumeier-Atelier (Germany). Blaumeier's sweet ladies are on the road again! As chambermaids they take care of cleanliness and tidiness and, of course, the laundry which must be dried, turned out and folded. This funny, witty and absurd show sees the chambermaids enlist the help of the audience in the most charming way.

La Hermosa conversación de las Manos (The Beautiful Conversation of Hands).

By Danza Mobile. This evocative piece disrupts traditional partnered dance roles and rules while celebrating an exchange of rhythms, steps and the passion for dancing with other people. But can the dancers stay in physical contact to maintain ‘the beautiful conversation of hand'.

Enter the Robots.

By Hijinx (Wales) and tanzbar_bremen (Germany). “Hello Humans. Welcome to your future. Relax. Slow down. You can stop what you are doing. You don’t have to work anymore. Stay at home. Put your feet up. We’ve got this. We are the Robots. We will take it from here.” In the future, everyone is gifted a robot from their local authority. Life will surely be so much easier! What could possibly go wrong? Enter the Robots is a playful, participatory street theatre show which asks, who is really in control of who in the age of AI? “In the unlikely case of malfunction your local authority will assume no responsibility.” This project is funded by Cultural Bridge.


Odyssey is Hijinx's inclusive community theatre group featuring a mixture of actors with learning disabilities and/or autism, and neurotypical actors who perform together as equal partners.


Telemachus is a sister project to Odyssey. Telemachus is an inclusive group for young people with and without learning disabilities who are adventurous, and love to create and perform.