Unity Festival in Bangor

27 June


Hijinx’s Unity Festival is one of Europe’s largest inclusive and disability arts festivals and it returns to Pontio, Bangor on Thursday 27 June.

Join us for Unity Festival in Bangor to experience inclusive and disability arts from around the world, with a mix of free, public, studio and outdoor performances:

  • Germany’s tanzbar_bremen with their joyous and charming street show FöhnFrisuren
  • Brazil’s Dança Sem Fronteiras with the enchanting and expressive Fresta Poética
  • Hijinx’s own collaboration with tanzbar_bremen Enter The Robots
  • Various performances for schools including Taking Flight with their Pontio co-production Mae Gen Ti Ddreigiau / You’ve Got Dragons
  • As well as and Daryl and Co’s honest and quirky show A Square World 


The full programme and more information about the acts and artists will be available here and on the Pontio website. Follow @HijinxTheatre on social media for updates as they happen.


By tanzbar_bremen (Germany). A charming street theatre pop-up that brings the big screen to the streets of Bangor. Using sounds from famous films, mixed with joyful beats, fabulous wigs and leaf blowers, tanzbar_bremen perform, improvise and create heart-touching screen scenes, adventurous flight numbers, smoking hot duels and all sorts of surprises!

Fresta Poética.

By Dança Sem Fronteiras (Brazil). Playful and intriguing, Fresta Poetica is a journey that makes visible the small dances, gestures and motions of all bodies, and the body’s abilities in relation to the surroundings. This project was supported by the BOLSA FUNARTE DE MOBILIDADE ARTÍSTICA 2023.

A Square World.

By Daryl & Co (England). A show perfect for 3-6 year olds, A Square World is an honest, touching and quirky story of three friends and how they adapt their world so they can keep playing together. This non-verbal story looks at the unfairness of being left out in a world designed for everyone but yourself, and uses simple design and object manipulation to create an imaginative world where anything can happen.

Enter the Robots.

By Hijinx and tanzbar_bremen. “Hello Humans. Welcome to your future. Relax. Slow down. You can stop what you are doing. You don’t have to work anymore. Stay at home. Put your feet up. We’ve got this. We are the Robots. We will take it from here.” In the future, everyone is gifted a robot from their local authority. Life will surely be so much easier! What could possibly go wrong? Enter the Robots is a playful, participatory street theatre show which asks, who is really in control of who in the age of AI? “In the unlikely case of malfunction your local authority will assume no responsibility.” This project is funded by Cultural Bridge.

Hijinx's North Young People's Theatre.

This theatre group for young people teaches multidisciplinary skills aiming to support positive empowerment, essential skills and strong self-belief in young adults across North West Wales.