Young People's Theatres

Our Young People’s Theatres are for all young actors aged 16+. We work inclusively with learning disabled and/or autistic and neurotypical actors who perform together as equal partners.


Watch this new digital opera created by Music Theatre Wales in collaboration with Hijinx and the young people we work with.

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Following the school terms, each Young People's Theatre works towards two pieces each year created by the members and supported by professionals.

North Young People's Theatre (Bangor).

This theatre group for young people teaches multidisciplinary skills aiming to support positive empowerment, essential skills and strong self-belief in young adults across North West Wales. Running from 4.30pm – 6.30pm every Wednesday, in Pontio Arts Centre. The sessions are engaging, fun and open to everybody, with and without learning disabilities aged between 16 – 24 years.

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Telemachus (Cardiff).

Telemachus is a sister project to Odyssey. Aimed at 16 to 24 year olds, Telemachus is an inclusive group for young people with and without learning disabilities who are adventurous, and love to create and perform. The members meet each Wednesday in line with the academic calendar, exploring new skills and pushing their own boundaries.

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Telemachus to me means a sense of belonging. A safe space to be creative without fear of judgement or exclusion!

Lia Burton, Telemachus Member

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It's been a lifeline to me especially in lockdown, seeing friends on the screen, and playing in character also having fun which is very important to me as a person.

Elain, North Young People's Theatre Member

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We can share our news and talk about stuff together and there’s acting and music and sometimes dancing two (sic) and we always makes each other laugh and we just enjoy it

Alex Williams, Telemachus Member

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