Our Impact

Our work changes the lives of our actors and participants.

We know the difference arts and theatre can have on people’s health and wellbeing. Our recent Impact Report demonstrates the social economic value we have on the arts, exploring the life changing stories of the people we work with.

This is our impact. This is their story of change.

We are the change makers...

What is social impact?.

It’s the change that we created in the lives of our actors, participants, their families, staff and the arts sector. Over the course of a year our researchers unearthed some key themes that makes Hijinx so important as the national inclusive theatre company of Wales.

Read our Social Impact Report.

The Social Impact Report is available as Full Version, Easy Read or Audio Version.

Some key findings from the Social Impact Report.

Since joining Hijinx...

Since working with Hijinx...

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“I went from a meek shy girl who wouldn’t do anything to an independent confident girl who is confident to go travelling and they [my parents] don’t have to worry about me. Thanks to adult placement and Hijinx I’m here doing what I do today. They are awesome. They’ve helped me a lot.”

Hijinx Actor

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“Hijinx help to show the world our son's capabilities and let them see what we see everyday, instead of just seeing someone with a disability.”


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“Hijinx create simply the best work. With all, for all, and taken everywhere. They have made inclusive work something we should all be doing."

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Changing perceptions.

We create high quality performances that change the way that we perceive the world. We are contributing to changing the perception of how learning disabled and / or autistic (LD/A) people are seen on stage, screen and in our communities

We show that the performing arts are a vehicle for health and wellbeing, and increase happiness in people’s lives.

More to come.

While we have made significant changes to our participants and their communities, we still want to change more. We’ve got a lot to do post-COVID and want to make sure our communities are not excluded in the rush to rebuild. We will continue to lobby for the Seven Industry Principles – a new guide to support the industry to make decisions inclusively, to go beyond compliance and celebrate diversity.

We are ambitious. We won't stop. We will work to increase representation on screen and stage.

More Stories of Change

Stories of Change


More about the research.

Hijinx was able to deliver this research thanks to funding from the Lloyds Bank Foundation. The research was conducted by Abigail Tweed – Milestone Tweed & Mark Richardson – Social Impact Consulting. Over the course of a year, they interviewed participants, actors, their families, staff and arts sector professionals.

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