Y Gwir – Truth!

with Ramshacklicious

About the show.

The rebellion arrive – full of hope, fiercely comic and on a mission to disrupt the public norm. The audience join in with the unfurling games, exploring power and control. A curious sense of excitement bubbles, uniting the people in a joyful riot of love! Y Gwir – Truth is a gentle call to action. Is it time for you to be set free?

Programme Information.

Recommended for ages 9-99. Duration is 40 minutes. Ideal for outdoor festivals and events. Can be programmed twice per day. Available for touring world-wide.

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Cast & Crew (on tour).

This inclusive street theatre performance features 7 performers, 3 of whom are learning disabiled and/or Autistic. 1 technician and 1 creative enabler also support the performance on tour. (Total 9 on tour).

Tech Requirements.

Y Gwir – Truth is a roving/promenade performance, so please get in touch to find out whether your playing space is suitable for this production. There is audience interaction and participation. PA is not required.

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Cast & Creatives.

Andrew Tadd


Ben Pettitt-Wade

Hijinx Artistic Director

Bron Davies

Hijinx Producer

Flick Ferdinando


Helen Ognjenovic-Morgan

Costume Designer & Maker

Jack Stoddart

Ramshacklicious Artistic Director (& Performer)

Jonathan Pugh


Megan Shaw


Nicole Kehrberger

Bouffon Residency Facilitator (R&D)

Robyn Hambrook


Richard Newnham


Tiago Gambogi


Tom Ayres

Hijinx Production Manager

Zoe Munn

Ramshacklicious Producer

Audience Comments.

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I'm amused, confused and terrified all at once!

Green Man Festival attendee

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I don't know what just happened but I loved it!

Green Man Festival attendee

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Beautiful, some gorgeous images and really touching moments

R&D sharing