Neurodiversity and Anti-Racism in Welsh Arts (NAWA)

Removing barriers to cultural engagement for learning disabled and neurodivergent people from global majority communities in Wales.

Hijinx, Disability Arts Cymru and Learning Disability Wales are working together to identify the issues faced by learning disabled and neurodivergent people who are from communities that experience racism, when accessing or engaging in the arts.

Supported by funding from Arts Council of Wales’ Sharing Together Fund, in summer 2022 we curated three online events which aimed to develop:

  • A shared understanding of the barriers to arts engagement
  • A network of organisations and individuals from across these communities
  • A foundation on which to base future activities, recommendations and adaptations that need to be implemented
  • A more inclusive arts sector of learning disabled and neurodivergent people across Wales

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We have now secured funding from Welsh Government’s Anti-Racist Wales Culture, Heritage and Sport Fund to realise the ambitions and actions identified through these conversations, which identified the challenges and barriers faced by communities and shifts that are required to created real change, equity and inclusion.

Our Project Advisory Panel.

Tia Camilleri

Hazel Lim

Yvonne Odukwe

Dr Chris Papadopoulos

Izzy Rabey

Dr Sita Thomas

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