Inclusion and Accessibility in the Arts

supported by Arts Council of Wales

Inclusion and Accessibility in the Arts.

Hijinx, Disability Arts Cymru and Learning Disability Wales are working together to identify the issues faced by learning disabled and neurodivergent people who are from communities that experience racism, when accessing or engaging in the arts.

Last year we held 3 free zoom sessions to look at these issues. Each session included presentations and an opportunity to ask questions and be part of the discussion.


Session 1 – What do we know already?

Wednesday 18 May 2022

In the first session we looked at what things are like now, for learning disabled and neurodivergent communities, those who experience racism, and how Covid has affected the arts in Wales.

Andrew Ogun is the Agent for Change at Arts Council of Wales. He shared his experiences from his first year as Agent for Change, his observations on the sector and explored the changes that need to happen for the sector to be inclusive and accessible for all.

Dr Edward Oloidi from the University of South Wales shared his research into the impact of Covid on learning disabled people in Wales.

And Louise Miles-Payne, Director of Creu Cymru, shared an update on the arts sector as we emerge from the pandemic.


Session 2 -What do communities have to say?

Wednesday 18 May 2022

In our second session we heard from community advocates, and parents of learning disabled and neurodivergent young people, about their experiences accessing support and their journeys to setting up their own organisations to create change.

Yvonne Odukwe, Autisms Hidden Voices (Newport) shared her experiences as a parent and community advocate. She was joined by Izzy Rabey, who talked about the work she does with Autism’s Hidden Voices. We were also joined by actor Richard Mylan who shared his story.


Session 3 – What do we need to change?

Thursday 19 May 2022

In the third session we heard from an incredible line up of learning disabled and neurodivergent artists and performers.

Krystal Lowe
Tia Camilleri and Cara Walker – Fio
Selena and Aarwn – Aubergine Cafe

They shared their own lived experiences and joined a discussion about the things the arts sector needs to do to be inclusive and accessible for all.