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You Have Been Watching.

Lindsay Foster

Bethany Freeman

Lucy Green

Matthew Mullins

Richard Newnham

Owen Pugh

Benjamin Victor

Creatives & Production Team.

Ben Pettitt-Wade

Artistic Director

Tom Ayres

Production Manager

Ellis Wrightbrook

Senior Producer

Bron Davies

Assistant Producer

Mehdi Razi

Creative Associate

Garrin Clarke

Technical Manager

Ceri James

Lighting Designer

Robin Moore

Digital Consultant

Tic Ashfield

Composer & Sound Designer

Chris Laurich

Assistant Sound Designer & Sound Engineer

the_crash.test team would like to send a special thanks to: Ashford Richards, Dan Jones, David Massey, Ed Talfan, Emma Evans, John Collingswood, Jon Cox, Jonny Rees, Karol Cysewski, Mark Down, Matt Mulligan, Michelle McTernan, Osian Gwynn, PJ/Xuanjun Ke, Rhian Wyn Evans, Robin Moore, Sharon Casey, Simon Luscombe (Holotronica), Taking Flight Theatre Company, Tom Whitehead (PrintHaus) and Zach Beasley.

Ben Pettitt-Wade, the_crash.test director

As Michel says in the show “this has been some journey”. For each show that we create together, we try to ensure a minimum of two years from initial exploration, to full production. Though this was a show we had no idea we would be embarking on in early 2020, it very much feels like everything we have been doing since then has been building to this moment.

It also feels like without a global event such as the pandemic, it is a project we never would have explored.

Like many organisations, we were forced to find a new way of connecting and creating with our community of artists and our audiences. Everything moved online, and though we pined for human contact, there were many exciting possibilities and experiences in this new way of making and presenting our work.

The challenge for this production, as we start to get back to a form of normality, was to create something that would be an experience that wound be equal in quality, though inevitably different for an audience both online and in person – and presented by a cast both in person and online. Throw into the mix motion capture technology and interaction via polling, at times it has felt like we might have bitten off more than we can chew.

But thanks to funds from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Colwinston Charitable Trust and Ty Cerdd we have been able to bring on board a brilliant team of creatives, all of whom have bringing with them new skills acquired during this enforced digitalisation.

Added to that the commitment of our own Hijinx artists and freelancers, many of whom had made valuable contributions to the project, despite not appearing in the final production – I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the making this production.

We hope you enjoy the show, we’ve had a great time making it. I feel incredibly privileged to have worked with such a generous, brilliant and joyful team on it.


Ben Pettitt-Wade, Director

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