"Let's Get Figital!"

It’s the near future, and tech start up Figital are on a mission to create the next big thing, the thing we never knew we wanted, but it turns out we all needed.
A new thing-a-me-bob. Or ‘Bob’ for short.

There's one problem…it doesn't quite work yet.

And we don’t really know what it is. And we’ve not really thought about the consequences of the technology we are about to release. There’s one thing we do know, it’s going to change everything. Let’s get Figital!

A Frankenstein tale for our age, the_crash.test is a darkly playful take on our relationship with technology, incorporating motion capture puppetry, large scale projection, original composition, with an inclusive cast of performers on stage and via video link, for audiences both in person and online. 

Guidance: This production references sudden death, and includes several moments of heightened tension. There will be footage of car crashes and explosions, scenes likely to be unsuitable for those with light or sound sensitivities, and the occasional use of strong language.

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Devising Cast.

Lindsay Foster

Bethany Freeman

Lucy White

Matthew Mullins

Richard Newnham

Owen Pugh

Benjamin Victor

Creatives & Production Team.

Ben Pettitt-Wade

Artistic Director

Tom Ayres

Production Manager

Ellis Wrightbrook

Senior Producer

Bron Davies

Assistant Producer

Mehdi Razi

Creative Associate

Garrin Clarke

Technical Manager

Ceri James

Lighting Designer

Robin Moore

Digital Consultant

Tic Ashfield

Composer & Sound Designer

Chris Laurich

Assistant Sound Designer & Sound Engineer

Jonathan Dunn

"Flickstarter" video sequence

Karol Cysewski, Michelle McTernan, Zach Beasley, Matt Mulligan, Jonny Rees, Ashford Richards

R&D Cast & Crew Members

the_crash.test – Visual Story .

Here is a ‘visual story’ available to give context to the show’s content warnings, useful for audience members who like to know what to expect….not useful for those who wish to remain spoiler-free! 


Thank you for your support.