Stones & Dust

A short film

'Stones & Dust’ – a short film.

Written and directed by: Daniel McGowan 
Produced by: Ellen Groves & Daniel McGowan
Director of Photography & Editor: Jonathan Dunn
Music by: John Rea
Production Design: Bethany Seddon
Made in Partnership with: Bad Wolf
Supported by: Morrisons Foundation, Arts & Business Cymru, Boom Cymru, Gorilla and Rayne Foundation
Starring: Rhian Blythe, Andrew Tadd and Llion Williams.


Carys responds to her dying father’s request to visit him and her younger brother in deepest Wales, as he tries to make amends for years of neglect. What she finds astonishes her.


This is the second of Hijinx’s short fiction films supported by Morrisons Foundation and Bad Wolf.