Meta vs Life

A unique hybrid experience, played in-person or online.

Part immersive performance, part escape room, part murder mystery in which the audience play as ghost hunters (in-person), or the recently deceased (online). In Meta vs Life, only by finding ways to work together can audiences solve the mystery of how the dead met their grizzly end. 

In the experience, the living started their ghost tour at a secret location in Cardiff City Centre, before exploring hidden corners of the city. The ‘dead’ joined us from their homes or work stations, in a 90s inspired game console afterlife. 


"Genuinely a fantastic experience and a night we'll never forget" – Audience Member.


Creative Team.

Ben Pettitt-Wade


Matthew Blake


Tom Ayres

Production Manager

Ellis Wrightbrook

Senior Producer

Bron Davies

Assistant Producer

Tic Ashfield

Composer & Sound Designer

Chris Laurich

Sound Technician

Sandra Gustafsson


Raid the Room

'Gather' Designer

Mason Lima

Creative Associate

Garrin Clarke

Technical Manager

Zo Fisher

Stage Manager

Sam Harding & Tobias Weatherburn

Escape Room Mechanics & Design

Tafsila Khan

Access Consultant, supported by Taking Flight Theatre

Sami Dunn


Ellen Groves

Audio Description