the_crash.test – Visual Story

This access resource provides context to the show's content warnings. It's a tool, useful for audience members who like to know what to expect… but be warned, major spoilers ahead!


This production references sudden death, and includes several moments of heightened tension. There will be footage of car crashes and explosions, scenes likely to be unsuitable for those with light or sound sensitivities, and the occasional use of strong language.


Thank you to PJ/Xuanjun Ke for the wonderful storyboard illustrations. View PJ’s Instagram: @jot803.pj. View PJ’s website.

Panel 1.

This is the start of the show, you will be introduced to some of the characters and actors involved in the performance, including Bob, who enters the scene in a flash of light. There is video footage of a car involved in a crash test, and this is distressing for one of the characters. There are some loud noises. One of the characters gets some distressing news over the phone.

Panel 2.

Some characters appear on the screen that we've not met yet: the investors. One of them uses strong language out of anger. Bob meets Betty, entering the stage with a flash. Bob then falls into the internet and there is a reel of fast-moving, flashing images on the screen, showing the knowledge Bob starts to absorb from the internet.

Panel 3.

Tensions heighten as Michel feels the pressure from the investors and there is some more strong language. Frank gets distressed about his situation. We get a scene in which Greg films Michel/Ben and Frank/Owen in the men's toilets and there is some strong language. There is another reel of fast-moving images that flash by on the screen.

Panel 4.

Tensions are high again as Frank deals with another stressful event and has an argument with his wife, Izzy, which we don't hear, only witness. Bob does some exploring of the world with Betty.

Panel 5.

Feeling overwhelmed by what he's seen, Bob bursts into lots of colourful balls, then real plastic balls fall from the ceiling and cover the stage. As tensions are high before the Figital launch, there is some bickering over the mess and the cookie cake.

Panel 6.

Tensions heighten again in the investors meeting and there is more strong language. We are given a warning that someone might have got hurt and in the next scene there is reference to a fatal car accident. Bob reveals that they have been watching Frank through the camera in his computer and admits that they were the one who caused the accident, by instigating a 'crash test'. Frank gets visibly distressed and there is more strong language.

Panel 7.

We see Owen/Frank upset in the toilet and there is some more strong language. At the launch, the screens are lit up with bright flashing graphics. This scene involves some audience interaction, as a member of the studio audience is invited onto the stage. Bob comes onto the screen in a flash of light and gets confused about 'who' they are and begins to get distressed, asking for help. Bob becomes a visible monster and then gets deleted from the screen.

Panel 8.

There is another reel of fast-moving, flashing images that ends in an atomic explosion on the screen, but the noise is not too loud. There are other flashes of light as Bob moves from 'place' to 'place' outside of the internet. The actors come onto the stage dressed in hazmat suits and there are kaleidoscope effects.

Panel 9.

We come to the end of the story. There is a mock scene where Ben/Michel gets 'attacked' by shadow puppet dogs. There is relief as the production ends with the heartbeat of Owen's baby.

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