Welsh Language Policy

Our Welsh Language Policy.


This policy and associated action plan outlines Hijinx Theatre’s commitment to the Welsh language; how we propose to understand, develop, and strengthen its integration across all aspects of our work; and how we will review and monitor our progress.

Policy Statement

Hijinx seeks to meet the right of people living in Wales to communicate in either of the two official languages of Wales, Welsh, and English.

Hijinx is committed to treating the Welsh and English languages based on equality – as set out within the Welsh Language Act of 1993 and in line with the Welsh Language Standards under Section 44 on the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 – and will ensure that the Welsh language is treated no less favourably than the English language.

The Board of Trustees will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Welsh Language Policy and Action Plan and will delegate the responsibility of the day-to-day implementation to the Chief Executive.

This Policy explains how Hijinx will put into effect these standards and principles wherever practical and appropriate.

All members of staff will be aware of their duty to operate this policy and its relevance to their area of work.

Through working with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office, Hijinx will work to receive the Cynnig Cymraeg and will continue to review and improve our provision and update our action plan to build on our support for the Welsh Language.


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