The Astronauts


The Astronauts.

Wearing full space suits, a crew of mysterious astronauts arrive on a new planet, only to find that they are not alone. Six intrepid explorers try to understand the strange new world they’ve found themselves in.



When and where?


πŸ“… 23 June
πŸ“ Wales Millennium Centre
πŸ• 6pm

πŸ“… 25 June
πŸ“ The Hayes
πŸ• 2.30pm

πŸ“… 26 June
πŸ“ Wales Millennium Centre
πŸ• 7.20pm


πŸ“… 29 June
πŸ“ Walkabout, Pontio
πŸ• 4.20pm


πŸ“… 2 July
πŸ“ Walkabout, Ffwrnes
πŸ• 2.10pm

Language: Non-verbal / No language
Recommended Age: Any
Running time: 30 minutes

Tickets: Free Event