Staff Stories

What it's like to work for Hijinx

Jacqui – Finance Manager.

My name's Jacqui. I joined Hijinx back in 2012 on a 1 year fixed-term contract, and I'm still here! I have seen the organisation grow from just 4 members of staff to having hubs across Wales and into the truly international company that we're known as today – and it has been a privilege to be part of that journey. I joke that on the way I've tried practically every job in the office, before settling into my current role in finance. But that's the nature of working for Hijinx. Every day is different and the team are incredibly agile and multi-talented.

Jon – Head of Pawb.

Shwmae! I'm Jon, Head of PAWB (Participation). I'm in my 7th year of working for Hijinx, which I do part time alongside other freelance work. Joining as Outreach Coordinator, I've been able to shape and mould our participation department into what I love coming to work for today. I get to work as part of a brilliant team, and alongside beautiful performers who teach me more than I could hope to offer them.