Rock Cliché

About The Show.

“We’re getting the band back together!” Long before there was magician and assistant, golfer and caddy or politician and embarrassment, there was Rock Star and put-upon Roadie. “Sound check, sound check. One two. One two.” Meet Rocky Legend and Dave, his roadie, as they gear up for the show of their lives. When the other band members all die in mysterious on-stage accidents, it leaves our Rock Heroes to face their fans alone. How can the show possibly go on? Rock Cliché is a homage to everything we love about 80’s rock, its excesses, its big hair, its ridiculous guitar solos and the sheer punch the air joy of rocking out.

Programme Info.

Small scale, suitable for both outdoor & indoor stages. Audience Reach: Up to 300. Audience type: all, family-friendly. Genre: comedy, slapstick, air-musicianship Shows per day/duration: >3 x 30 mins Created by Hijinx with Morgan Thomas, with support from Articulture and the Arts Council of Wales, the Big Lottery Fund, and the Welsh Assembly.

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Cast & Crew (On Tour).

This production features two neuro-divergent performers and tours with 1x technician & 1x creative enabler. (Total 4 on tour)


Cast & Creatives.

Morgan Thomas


Jack Love


Matthew Mullins


Buddug Jones

Costume & Set Designer

Tom Ayres

Production Manager

Jeremy Linnell, Geraint Stewart-Davies, Olivia Barry


Ben Pettitt-Wade