Eleanor Morgan.

As many of you will by now have heard, our wonderful and much-loved Mid Academy Actor, Eleanor Morgan passed away peacefully at home early last month.

Ellie was one of a kind, an amazing talent and just an incredible human being. She was a bundle of positive energy, with a contagious laugh and smile that brightened up every room she was in and everyone’s day.

I have many fond memories of trips up to Aberystwyth over the years; but being lucky enough to work with the group intensively on their contribution to our 2019 production of Mission Control is a real highlight of mine. I remember so vividly walking into the studio space each Monday morning and being greeted by the most infectious cheeky grin and sparkly eyes, which always had a wonderful sense of fun and mischief about them.

I’ll never forget Ellie’s generosity, creativity, and enthusiasm in those sessions and during the performances in Cardiff. The words of the ‘Plant Chant’, that she spoke so wonderfully and created beautiful movements too, were gifted to me beautifully written on a plant pot by Secret Santa that year and sit pride of place on the shelf in my kitchen. I glance at them often as I walk into the room and smile at those wonderful memories.

I, and all of us at Hijinx, are so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to know Eleanor, to spend time with her and share experiences with her. I don’t feel able to find the words that could even begin to accurately convey just how much she will be missed and know there are those within our Hijinx community that can do a much better job than me. So, with that in mind, I’d like to share some lyrics written by the Mid Academy group as a tribute to Ellie, that I think capture the essence of Ellie brilliantly. Everyone in the group contributed to the words and they have been written to the tune of ‘Celestial’ by Ed Sheeran (one of Ellie’s favourite artists). This is followed by a few quotes from some of our Mid Academy Tutors who knew Ellie best.

Thank you for being such an incredible, vital, and loved part of our Hijinx community Ellie, we will all miss you so very much.

Amy Griggs, Academy Director 




From Christmas sharing to mission control

Your dodgy dentist beat them all

Your sense of mischief made us grin

A lager shandy your favourite drink


You make us feel like our troubles are a million miles away

When she walks in the room

She’s the life & soul of the party





Zip zap boing was your favourite game

Grandma’s footsteps caused you such pain

A sore loser you tried not to be 

But you smashed it in stop freeze


You make us feel so special sitting on our park bench

She makes us feel like our only friend

You no-one could replace





And at lunch coffee & cake

A missing chocolate bar made her heart ache

She cared so much for her fellow man

And Ed Sheeran she was his greatest fan!


You make us feel so special

As hot as a sunny day

You make us feel such fun

With every game that we play





🎶 🎵


‘‘I will always remember her smiling face on a Monday morning. Always up for a new challenge, Ellie had a wicked sense of humour…I will miss belly laughing during her performances – she was such a pleasure to know.’’Donna Males

‘‘I feel so lucky to have known and worked with Ellie. A shining star, a great actor and an excellent Mid Academy student, she was always keen to learn, always concerned for others’ welfare, and always full of fun, energy and ideas. Her last role with us was as a Dodgy Dentist in a street theatre production, Ellie played it with a perfect mix of threat, fun and determination… I really shouldn’t have worried about her finding volunteer patients from the audience, her charisma was such that, despite their ‘fears’ (of wholly inappropriate street dental work!) there were lots of takers – who wouldn’t want to join her on stage?

Ellie, we miss you. Thanks for the life, the laughter and the saying YES! to challenges.’’Cath Rigler

‘‘Fiercely passionate, determined, inspiring, hilarious and huge hearted. I miss her deeply and Hijinx will not be the same without her energy, her smile, or her wonderful laugh.’’ – Bethan Dear