Illustration Exhibition 2021

Polly Allburn.

Hi, I’m Polly Allburn, I am in my 3rd year studying Illustration at Cardiff Met and I’ve been creating illustrations for the group I’ve been with at Hijinx; Telemachus. I was amazed at the energy of this group, I had so much fun participating and being a part of the group even for a short while. What I found most interesting was that I wasn’t just going to be drawing at the sidelines, we were joining in and seeing a glimpse of how it feels to be there. When I was making these artworks to go along with the group, I felt free and unrestrained in my process. I work with traditional materials and I love to get messy with paint and paper-cutting collage to create textures and bright colours, so creating illustrations for this group felt like it was meant to be. I enjoy working in bold, loose and quick sketches and hidden meanings, and I take inspiration from animals and nature. Within my art I have a messy style that I hope will inspire the imagination of others and show that art can be as tidy or wild as you want it to be.

Instagram: @pollya_illustration
Website here.