Illustration Exhibition 2021

PJ/Xuanjun Ke.

My name is PJ/Xuanjun Ke, I’m from China and currently studying illustration BA at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I like working with my hands as an illustrator, and to experiment with lots of possibilities in my work. 

I thrive in the feeling of processes, going on a journey, discovering new things along the way. The 12 Days of PAWB project with Hijinx theatre gave me an opportunity to be in a vibrant environment with people who are passionate about performance arts, I really want to learn more about theatre and hopefully get to do some stage designing in the future. 

This series of work began with a member of cast saying to me: “how are you enjoying the chaos so far?”, a light went up in my head—that’s exactly what I will draw—chaos. The rehearsal sessions throughout November had been amazing to attend and sketch from. The movements, spaces and voices and the constantly developing characters bestrewn most of my pages. And no matter how hard I try, it always feels difficult to convey—the laughter from the games, and warm feelings of community and love in drawings. 

Seeing how Odyssey members’ performance grow each week brought me fantastic joy, I feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful journey. 

Instagram (latest updated work): @jot803.pj
Website (selling prints mostly) here.

The sketches that didn’t make the final piece (sketchbook flip-through) can be viewed here.