Illustration Exhibition 2021

Kimberly Sanchez.

My name is Kimberly Sanchez and I am a mixed-media Spanish artist. I am also known as Kyxof on the Internet. I have been living in Wales for six years now and I’m currently studying a Foundation Degree in Art and Design course.

I love anything related to animation and colourful art. However, what I love the most is to learn more ways to express myself through different types of art. My strong point is digital art with cartoonish and anime style. In the other hand, I do not mind working in traditional mediums because my interest varied from sequential art to collage.

I open a small shop in Storenvy with fan made and original work this year, which I manage along with fan made art I sell in RedBubble.

Instagram: @kyxof
Redbubble here.
Website here