Illustration Exhibition 2021

Jessica Chun.

My name is Jessica Chun, I’m from Hong Kong, a small city in China, and currently studying FDA Arts and Design in Bangor Coleg Menai. I like working with different art mediums, for example paint, pencils, digital and photography. 

I like to illustrate experiences of moments that are memorable, which is why this Hijinx project of the 12 Days of PAWB was a great opportunity for me. 

Illustrating on Monday evenings with Odyssey on Zoom was a valuable experience for me because I got to know the group. They were fun and cheerful to work with.

The art work I created for the 12 Days of PAWB represents my personal experience working with Odyssey and illustrates the joy that came out of these zoom sessions. 

I’ve really enjoyed these meetings with them, playing games and listening in on their lives. Although I wasn’t able to go to their theatre practices fot Pinocchio and The Northern Lights, the meetings created plenty of inspirational content to illustrate my 3 drawings. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Hijinx on this project and I look forward to working with them in the future.

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