Introducing Eye See Ai!

We’re delighted that Eye See Ai - a new augmented reality experience created by Hijinx in collaboration with Vietnamese companies Mat Tran Ensemble, Tohe Fun and Viet Interactive, has launched online!

Funded by the British Council Arts Digital Collaboration Fund, which enables organisations from the UK and selected countries overseas to collaborate digitally on international projects, the project will allow for an exciting cultural exchange as participants are given the opportunity to explore Hanoi and Cardiff using digital AR technology in 6 new short digital performances. The project will feature Hijinx actors from across Wales, as well as actors and performers from Mat Tran Ensemble, who are based in Hanoi.

Vietnamese collaborators Mat Tran are a group of Vietnamese puppeteers, pursuing a vision of inclusive performing arts, telling puppet stories without limitation of space and language, connecting people and bringing art closer to marginalized communities. Meanwhile, Tohe is a social enterprise with the mission of creating creative playgrounds for disadvantaged children, supporting young autistic artists to learn and develop through a variety of educational and visual art activities. Technical partners Viet Interactive provide AR technology to create authentic experiences in familiar spaces.

The exchange began in February 2020, when Mat Tran Ensemble were able to visit Cardiff prior to the Coronavirus pandemic and learn from the working practices of Hijinx and various other Welsh venues and companies. When the Covid-19 lockdowns hit, the exchange continued online and developed into a digital project which allowed for the exploration of new and innovative technologies.

Artistic Director, Ben Pettitt-Wade, says of the project:

We were delighted to receive a British Council Digital Collaboration grant to continue our relationship with Mat Tran Ensemble and foster a new partnership with Tohe. The process has been a huge learning curve for us all as we've explored together the potential for augmented reality and how it can be used to present the work of artists from Vietnam in Wales and vice versa. We have particularly enjoyed our exchange sessions between our own artists here in Wales and those in Vietnam, and can't wait for the public to experience our artists work in both our countries.

Ben Pettitt-Wade, Artistic Director, Hijinx

As of today, Eye See Ai has a dedicated Facebook page where you can keep up to date with all the latest developments relating to the project - including details where you might be able to access the AR experience later this year.

You can also keep up to date with all of the latest project developments on Hijinx Theatre’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.