Illustration Exhibition 2022

Ozzy Corbett.

My name is Ozzy Corbett and I’m currently studying Illustration at the University of South Wales. 

The 12 Days of Pawb project was a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with a group of wonderful individuals. I was thrilled to experience how the group members projected themselves in to their characters. The atmosphere made it feel like I was really there within the play, and you could feel the group’s passion bathe the room in a bright glow as they portrayed the scenes. I took lots of inspiration from the rehearsal space and their interactions with it and tried my hardest to display this in my works. 

Everybody was so kind, welcoming, and inclusive. I certainly won’t forget my time with Odyssey and the kindness, warmth, and togetherness that I felt any time soon.

Instagram: @theuneasyartist