Hijinx Odyssey Reunited on Stage

Hijinx Odyssey reunited on stage in new Christmas show Doctor Dolittle’s Wild Adventure, marking return to normality after pandemic  

Hijinx’s community theatre group Odyssey are back this December for their annual Christmas production in the Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, from the 1 – 3 December. This year’s production, Doctor Dolittle’s Wild Adventure, directed by Hijinx’s Head of Participation Jon Dafydd-Kidd, will see the whole group reunited on stage for the first time since 2019.  

After the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the group from performing together in 2020, the Odyssey group were pleased to perform once again in 2021; however, last year’s sell-out run of Pinocchio and the Northern Lights was not a return to normality. To reduce the risk of COVID-19, the cast were creatively split so that half appeared on stage performing against the other half in integrated digital scenes. This year the group are all back together in one room, to rehearse, perform and socialise.  

Hijinx are one of Europe’s leading inclusive theatre companies, creating outstanding performances with learning disabled and/or autistic artists on stage and on screen. Hijinx’s community strand, PAWB, provides creative opportunities for anyone who wants to perform, regardless of ability or experience. PAWB’s Odyssey is an inclusive community theatre group for actors aged 25+, featuring a mixture of actors with learning disabilities and/or autism, and neurotypical actors who perform together as equal partners. This year’s Christmas treat from the group will be Doctor Dolittle’s Wild Adventure, inspired by Hugh Lofting’s classic tale of a physician who favours animal patients over human ones. Odyssey’s interpretation of this story has been written by Hefin Robinson, with contributions from Odyssey participants. Hefin has worked with Odyssey twice before, on the scripts for Pinocchio and the Northern Lights (2021) and The Curious Muchness of Stuff and Nonsense (2019). About his time with Odyssey, Hefin says, 

“Now into my third show with Odyssey, I have come to deeply understand the importance of this group. I have been inspired by moments of bravery and brilliance. I have witnessed the value of inclusivity and of giving everyone a voice.” 

Hefin Robinson

Odyssey provides a much-needed space for its participants to come together and share their love of performing, as well as being a place of support for many. Hijinx’s 2021 Social Impact Report found that 73% of their actors and participants said they felt happier since joining Hijinx. The significance of being in the room again, not only to rehearse and perform, but to socialise too, cannot be understated. Sara Pickard, a participant of Odyssey, says, 

“Being a part of Odyssey is like having a second family where you can share every happy moment with people who are your friends, and also being there to offer a shoulder to lean on when times are difficult.” 

Sara Pickard

Becky King, a Hijinx Academy actor as well as a participant of Odyssey, is playing the lead role of Doctor Jane Dolittle in this year’s production. Becky has been a member of Odyssey since 2018, when she first appeared in Hansel, Gedeon and the Grimms’ Wood in 2018.  

“Odyssey means everything to me. Getting to play the main character is a big achievement; I'm happy and excited, but a bit nervous, but I’m going to show everyone that I can do well and that I can be an amazing doctor.” 

Becky King

This year’s production, Doctor Dolittle’s Wild Adventure, is a brand-new family show that features many classic characters, including the Ugly Duckling, Billy Goats Gruff, Three Little Pigs, Nellie the Elephant and Incy Wincy Spider; it is a joyous and vibrant celebration of the natural world and all its colourful creatures. The environmental themes of the story will also have an impact on set design and costume, with much of these pieces to be made from recycled materials. 

This December, join Doctor Dolittle and friends on a quest to find the legendary Pushmi-Pullyu and save the heart of the forest... and Christmas!  

You can catch Doctor Dolittle’s Wild Adventure at the Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, 1 – 3 December 2022.  

Performance dates & times: 

  • Thursday 1 December, 7pm 
  • Friday 2 December, 7pm 
  • Saturday 3 December, matinee: 3pm & evening performance: 7pm 


  • All performances will have integrated BSL by Sami Dunn 
  • All performances will have Audio Description by Alistair Sill and Owen Pugh 
  • Touch Tours are available pre-show upon request when booking; please contact caitlin.rickard@hijinx.org.uk 

Age suitability: 5+ 

  • Babes in arms welcome  

Book your tickets here: Doctor Dolittle's Wild Adventure | Wales Millennium Centre (wmc.org.uk)