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Weekly classes for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism who want to perform at the same time as improving their confidence and communication skills.

How does it work.

Drama Foundations classes take place once a week throughout the year and provide a fun, social and relaxed space where adults with learning disabilities and/or autism learn drama, music and movement skills. Participants will also gain a range of transferable skills including communication and teamwork.

Where can I go.

There are three Drama Foundations groups across Wales. 

Drama Foundations (Tuesday) & Drama Foundations (Wednesday) – Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff 

Drama Foundations North – Nova Centre, Prestatyn 

When does it happen.

Each group meets once each week:

Drama Foundations, Cardiff – Tuesdays and Wednesdays , 9.30am to 3pm 

Drama Foundations North – Wednesday, 10am to 3.30pm

Classes run throughout the year, taking breaks for Bank Holidays, up to two weeks over Christmas and one week over Easter. 

How much does it cost.

The cost can vary very slightly across locations, but it’s usually around £42 per day. You can talk to your social worker or planning team about funding for studying and travel costs.  

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