Different Voices 3

3 films created by Hijinx actors as part of 104 Films and Biggerhouse Film’s third ground-breaking series of micro-shorts by neurodivergent film makers.

All films produced by Hijinx & 104 Films. 

Creative collaborators Stephen Clarke and Tom Stubbs of Biggerhouse. 

Made with support from Morrisons Foundation, Ffilm Cymru Wales (Connector Fund), BFI.Network and National Lottery. 

Darkness and Light.

Darkness and Light – by Jack Wolf 

Running time: 2.5 mins approx 

A personal look at imagination, self-definition and rebirth 


Triumph – by Richard Newnham 

Running time: 3 mins approx. 

When Rich is up against it, he calls on his alter-ego… which happens to be a T-Rex. 

Drifting and Ranting.

Drifting and Ranting – by Lindsay Foster 

Running time: 2.5 mins approx. 

Reflecting on how her own mind works, Lindsay decides to take a stand.