a Theatr Clwyd co-production

A dystopian musical misadventure.

David Jones is just another cog in the City’s giant wheel, but when he falls out of sync with his co-workers, he quickly gets sucked into the City’s ever-expanding system of assessment. What’s wrong with him? Why can’t he keep up?

Forced on a journey of self-discovery, David is thrust into BoHo, a bizarre and unfamiliar space, where rules have no purpose, individuality is celebrated and ‘reality’ is tested.

Unsure whether he is in quarantine, a reality TV show or simply dreaming, he has no choice but to be led down the rabbit-hole and truly have a good look at who he is.

BoHo is an exploration of what it means to be good enough, to fit-in and to keep up. Performed by an inclusive cast, with an original score, film and words.

Life in the City is fast, correct and beautiful. If you keep up, that is.

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The humour is delightfully Pythonesque … just plain silly, in an endearingly ridiculous way.

Arts Scene in Wales

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Equal parts Alice In Wonderland, Trainspotting, and A Clockwork Orange, BoHo takes you on a trippy experience that distorts your expectations and tingles your senses, but with laughter and music thrown in for darn good measure.

We Are Chester

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It may be bizarre, but it's bizarrely brilliant!

The Wrexham Leader

Original Cast & Crew.

Daniel Lloyd


Barnaby Southgate

Performer & Musician

Lucy White


Hannah Noone

Director & Composer

Daniel McGowan


Jim Davis & Hannah Lobb

Production Management

Alison Davies

Stage Manager

Erin Maddocks

Set & Costume Designer

Ceri James

Lighting Designer

Jonathan Dunn

Video Director & Editor