'The Matthew Purnell Show' – a short film.

Running time: 24 mins 

Starring Lucy Green, Faye Wiggan, Andrew Tadd, Tom Spencer, Iwan Jones and Matthew Purnell 

Written, produced and directed by Daniel McGowan 

Assistant Producer Ellen Groves 

Director of Photography and Editor Jonathan Dunn 

Music by John Rea 

Made with the support of Morrisons Foundation, Boom Cymru and Bad Wolf 

A fast-paced comedy set in the near future when learning disabled and/or autistic people have taken over the world of film & TV.

At the forefront is The Matthew Purnell Show, the world’s biggest chat show. Today, it’s the 100th episode, and the money people are paying a visit. But the host is running late, the camera crew are hung over, the director is missing, and a shadowy figure is lurking unseen… Can the team get it together before the biggest show yet?  

Featuring a cast of 31 learning-disabled and/or autistic actors. 


Cast and Crew.

Lucy Green

Zoe the Runner

Iwan Jones

Huw the Sound man

Lindsay Foster

Bex the Floor Manager

Richard Newnham

Stu the Assistant FM

Andrew Tadd

Neil the Producer

Faye Wiggan

Hannah the Producer

Matthew Purnell


Tom Spencer

Aled the Director

Ashford Richards


Freddie Holcombe


Matthew Mullins


Dan McGowan

Writer and Director

Jonathan Dunn

Director of Photography

Gwendolyn Anslow

Assistant Director

Jonathan Dunn


John Rea


Bethany Seddon

Design and Costume

Ellen Groves

Assistant Producer