Doctor Dolittle's Wild Adventure

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A note from the writer, Hefin Robinson.

This year, we’re unleashing our wild side. 

Seeking inspiration from Hugh Lofting’s iconic doctor as well as some familiar animal friends, I have aimed to create a show that embraces the beauty and wonder of nature alongside the fun and warmth of Odyssey. 

As always, the writing process was made easy by the wealth of ideas put forward by the group in our Monday night sessions. From a pair of hippy honeybees to the squirrel with a big nut, there was no end to the creativity and imagination on display. 

Now into my third show with Odyssey, I have come to deeply understand the importance of this group. I have been inspired by moments of bravery and brilliance. I have witnessed the value of inclusivity and of giving everyone a voice. I have experienced genuine kindness and a sense of belonging. And I have laughed. Oh, how we laugh! There is nothing more joyful than time spent with this brilliant group of people. 

I recently came across a quote by David Attenborough that describes the natural world as “important, valuable, beautiful, wonderful, an amazement and a pleasure.”  

I think the same could be said about Odyssey. 

A note from the Director and Head of PAWB (Participation), Jon Dafydd-Kidd.

What a wild adventure we’ve been on!

As we re-entered the Wales Millennium Centre a few weeks ago for intensive rehearsals, we realised that for some of our cast, it has been 3 years since they last performed on the Weston Studio stage. In that time, the world has experienced significant loss, trauma and unrest. Human rights continue to be challenged and the earth ravaged for commercialism.

So, when it came time to work on the 2022 Odyssey show, we knew we needed some fun. We needed laughter, silliness, joy and to feel connected. And that’s what you’re getting. Pure silliness! We love it and have felt the impact for sharing laughter again. And we hope that when you leave, you feel as happy as we did creating. 23 years ago, the Odyssey seed was planted, and today the roots run deep, and the branches wide and far, connecting us all in a safe and magical place.

Oh, and one more thing … Nutty, Nutty, Nutty, Nutty, Nutty, Nutty, Nutty Jake!



Sami Dunn

Honey Bee-SL

Hefin Robinson

David Attenborough

Rebecca King

Doctor Jane Dolittle

Blue Balmforth


Nia Morgan


Lewis Tagg

Timmy Stubbins

Matthew Cook

Stanley Stubbins

Serena Lewis




Zach Ashley


Gary Cook


Sian Fouladi


Freddie Holcombe

Danny Bont

Nicole Bird


Gareth Clark


Danny Mannings


Tommy Rhys Powell


Finlay Garrett


Serena Lewis


Denise Gallop


Geraint Stewart-Davies


Jennifer Lucey


Sara Pickard


Stuart Campbell



Creepy Crawlies

Andrew Tadd


Matthew Mullins


Kirsty Rosser


Jordan Quaite

Incy Wincy

Amalia Banteli


Simon Richards

Nutty Jake

Tommy Rhys Powell


Jennifer Lucey



Tropical Birds

Creative and Production Team.

Jon Dafydd-Kidd

Director and Producer

Hefin Robinson


Serena Lewis

Assistant Director

Kitty Callister


Tom Elstob

Musical Director

Tom Ayres

Production Manager

Tim Griffith

Production Assistant

Beau Broome

Production Assistant

Emily Poole

Director of Telemachus

Finlay Garrett

Assistant Facilitator

Olive Arlauskaitė

Assistant Facilitator

Richard Newnham

Assistant Facilitator

Zach Ashley

Assistant Facilitator

Bron Davies

Assistant Producer

Caitlin Rickard


Sami Dunn

BSL Interpretation

Alistair Sill

Audio Description

Owen Pugh

Audio Description

Kelly Bannister

Design Assistant

Luned Gwawr Evans

Design Assistant

Emily Poole, Telemachus Director and South Hub Coordinator .

Telemachus are super excited to be back on stage with Odyssey this year for Doctor Dolittle’s Wild Adventure! We have been working on creating our pre-show, to protest the evil Stanley Stubbins who plans to build a hotel in the heart of the forest. Please join us in our chants; are you a nature lover who wants to save the animals’ homes, or can you not say no to a Piña Colada cocktail? We have also been working with the USW Creative and Theraputic Arts students to design some wonderful bug and bird puppets, which the students have brought to life – keep an eye out for them in the show. Diolch, USW! I have recently become Director of Telemachus and it’s been a privilege to work with such a wonderful bunch of young people, who are so passionate about what they do. Joining Team Telem has been an absolute joy; it’s been a dream getting to know them all. We’ve all had so much fun working towards this production, we hope you enjoy the show!



Amy Johnston

Callum Murray

Dino Goodwin

Hannah Morley

Joseph Howells

Josh Walker

Logan Harry Young

Megan Stone

Olive Arlauskaitė

Rain Preece

Richard Newnham

Sara Arafa

Steven Redmore

Zach Ashley

USW Collaboration.

Once again we’re delighted to be collaborating with year one Creative and Therapeutic Arts students from University of South Wales. They are exploring facilitation and arts creation alongside PAWB participants, including creating our creepy crawlies and tropical birds.


12 Days of PAWB.

Our annual fundraiser and celebration of all things PAWB is back again this year. Keep an eye on our social media channels for lots of exciting content from our PAWB groups in the build up to Christmas. This year, we are hoping to raise £1,200 – and we need your help. PAWB provides creative opportunities for anyone who wants to perform, regardless of ability or experience. Each week we run 5 groups: Odyssey, Telemachus, North Young People’s Theatre, Drama Foundations 1 & 2, and Vaguely Artistic, our in-house band. These groups provide much joy and support for their participants, and flourish thanks to grants and donations from our generous supporters.

Text PAWB followed by your donation amount (e.g. to donate £3 text PAWB3) to 70490 to give that amount. Texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message.


Vaguely Artistic.

Our in-house band will soon be releasing their new LP! The group have been working on this collection of new songs over the summer and autumn and can’t wait to share it with the world. Keep an eye on the Hijinx website and socials for the LP launch, which includes a brand-new Christmas single! The band will also be launching their new LP with a gig: Monday 19th December in the Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre. Follow the link to book a pay-what-you-feel ticket!


Christmas Cards.

Help to support Hijinx PAWB by buying our Christmas cards. This year there are four designs to choose from, as well as designs from previous years. For just £5 for a pack of eight (of your choice) it’s a great way to help Hijinx PAWB continue providing creative opportunities for anyone who wants to perform.


Thanks to...

Gareth & the Norwegian Church. Ceri Legg and Beacon Printers. All of the families and friends of Odyssey members. To Eugene, Peter, Emma, Gemma and team from WMC for their energy and support. To Andrew and team in Bar One, for the space and support (Bar One are selling Pina Coladas, should you fancy one on your way out. Don’t worry, we won’t think you’re on Stanley Stubbins’ side!). To the first year Creative and Therapeutic Arts students from USW, Becky Davies and Laura Welsman – thank you for brightening our sessions, and being willing to get a little bit silly! To all our volunteers, who are so generous with their time and energy—thank you.

To Hijinx Designers and Recreate Cardiff past – because of you we have been able to ensure at least 80+ % of everything you see in the show is re-used, recycled or repurposed. To Theatr na nÓg for generously lending us the back drop. And finally a massive thank you to all of you who have come along in support. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Oh, and diolch to everyone who donated a milk bottle!


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