At Hijinx, we know that a single day of training does not make long-lasting change. That’s where our consultancy services come in – ongoing support for your production, for as long as you need it, from our Hijinx actors and trained staff. 

As part of our Committed Changemakers training package, you’ll be provided with a Hijinx Dream Team – your go-to group of staff and actors to consult throughout the length of your package.

Committed Changemakers

With first-hand experience on set, our Hijinx actors can provide insight into their needs and the potential needs of those you’re hiring, helping you expand your understanding of the needs of learning-disabled and/or autistic people.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge to support your needs, such as best practice surrounding language and action, suggestions on workplace environment based on our research and experience, and directing you to outside resources and further learning.  


Our Refocus model is centered around steady change and a safe space to make mistakes and grow. With our consultancy services, we stay with you over several months, answering any questions you have regarding working with learning-disabled and/or autistic creatives. 

Want to learn more about consultancy? Contact us today:.

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