Illustration Exhibition 2021

Thalia Dougourou.

My name is Thalia Dougourou and I am a 20 year old third year Illustration student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. My hobbies singing, creative writing and playing netball at both county and regional levels. Music and storytelling are incredibly important to me because they have spiritual qualities, in the sense that they can transport you to a sacred place within yourself.

I really enjoyed working with Hijinx because I got to know some of the staff and the performers and they were all so friendly and helpful. Also, I really appreciated the fact that we, as illustrators, had a lot of freedom with the brief. My favourite part was where everyone had to think of a special object and someone thought of an apple that magically opened and explodes candy which I thought was really cool! That was something I wanted to include in my artwork for the exhibition as well. I also found the hand signs that everyone associated with themselves very interesting.

I would say that my personal work is deeply rooted in black culture and mythology and my preferred materials are graphite pencils and charcoal. I really enjoyed making work for Hijinx because it allowed me to create art that is more expressive and abstract in comparison to what I normally do.

Instagram: @tjd.illustration