Illustration Exhibition 2022

Maddie Blanchard.

My name is Maddie Blanchard, and I study illustration at Cardiff Met.

I am inspired by the dark, mysterious, and lots of rock, metal and punk. I was thrilled to take part in an opportunity to draw pictures for the neurodivergent punk band, Vaguely Artistic.

When meeting Vaguely Artistic, they were rehearsing a collaborative performance with the drag queens from House of Deviant. My aim was to capture the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of the collaboration, and how the unconventional genre of punk bought them together.

In these drawings, the imagery is inspired by the lyrics in their songs, and the shapes and squiggles are reflective of the music’s ambience and beat.

I had a great time seeing them perform.

Instagram: Heartfelt_Horror

House of Deviant, here to save the world
Out of darkness, into light
When the world is dark and cold