Climate Justice

& Environmental Responsibility at Hijinx

We are working hard to try out new ideas and approaches that reduce our impact on the planet.
We are on a journey and are seeing some great results but there is always more to do. 



We aim to create efficient and sustainable working environments, using minimal resources and producing minimal waste.

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Our Industry.

By sharing data and good practices, and by collaborating with others, we strive to make the cultural industry more sustainable.

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Our Audiences & Participants.

We hope that our audiences and participants will understand Hijinx’s decision process and contribution to a sustainable world and will feel informed and inspired about the contribution they can make as individuals.

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The Climate crisis is also a crisis of the imagination. If we cannot imagine a more sustainable and just way of living we cannot achieve it.

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Artistic and cultural institutions can be powerhouses of change, helping to create and forge new ways of thinking and doing.

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Now is the time to meet the emergency with imagination.

Anthony Simpson-Pike; Writer, director & dramaturg

We Are Albert & The Theatre Green Book.

Albert supports the global Film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and to create content that supports a vision for a sustainable future. The Green Book sets standards for making theatre productions sustainably. We work between these two frameworks when creating our productions, and toward ISO20121 when mounting our Unity Festival.

Culture Declares Emergency.

A growing movement of people in arts and culture declaring a climate and ecological emergency. We pledge to tell truths, take action and seek justice. We believe that arts and culture can lead in creating a regenerative future that protects the planet and sustains everyone, everywhere.

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Help us help the planet.

It's a long journey

We pledge to be transparent in all our efforts, successes and discoveries made along the way and if you think you can help us be more environmentally responsible, we’d love to hear from you.

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