Bron’s Experience on the Eye See Ai project

"I feel like I’ve already learnt so much from this project alone."

It’s the second day of my new job and I’m on a Zoom call with a group of creatives from Hanoi, discussing an app-based Augmented Reality project that will allow people to access performances here and there, triggered by certain landmarks in each city (Cardiff and Hanoi). Adapting to both online working and a language difference, I listen as one person says something, which is then translated and then a response, which also needs to be translated. It’s clearly a flow that everyone in the call is used to, even if it appears somewhat chaotic to a newbie. A feeling that I now think is very Hijinx.

I’m Bron, I joined Hijinx as Assistant Producer in November, and have since been on numerous walks around Cardiff testing the app and seeing this international collaboration take shape. When starting this job amid COVID-19 I wouldn't have expected to be working on an international project - the varying restrictions made it seem implausible - but it's clear that the companies behind this collaboration are passionate about bringing these performances to life, COVID or not. Which meant this digital, app-based project took shape. Although in those first couple of weeks I must admit the app was not exactly reflecting all of this work.

But, as always, there was a way to fix this. Between the two teams we took hundreds of pictures of each of the performance sites, from every angle that was useful. All of this was then fed into the app, and we got a new version to test. In the meantime, we’ve had meetings to discuss the app launch, the conversations we want to happen and who’ll be there…the app may not be finished yet, but there’s a determination to see the project through.

A determination that has paid off. The first time I held my phone up at site 1 and performers appeared it felt like a little victory. And I could see how this would work for audiences moving from landmark to landmark to experience the collaboration in both Cardiff and Hanoi.

I feel like I’ve already learnt so much from this project alone. What it means to be part of the Hijinx team, how we create connections and friendships even in the toughest of times, and how to make a project work even when it may seem there’s a lot stacked against you. I am really excited for the app to be finished so we can share this wonderful experience with everyone in Cardiff and Hanoi!

Bron Davies, Assistant Producer