We are Hijinx.

We work from Wales but reach the whole world. We make strikingly different theatre.

We are acclaimed for our award-winning theatre productions, community projects and diversity training.

We are unashamedly ambitious for our Hijinx Actors. We want to see a learning disabled and/or autistic actor win an Oscar by 2030.

Why we do what we do

We don’t work with learning disabled and/or autistic people because it’s the right thing to do (which it is), or because everyone deserves access to a rich cultural life (which they do). We work with them because our understanding of humanity is enriched when we view the world from a different perspective.

We cast Hijinx Actors because of their ability, not despite their disability.


Our theatre is fearless and without boundaries.

We make theatre that is original, surprising, edgy and funny, which reaches audiences in Africa, Europe, America and East Asia.

Hijinx Actors

Our Hijinx Actors are at the heart of everything we do. They make us reimagine the world. They demonstrate their strength, fragility, volatility and playfulness through their performances.

Our Work

We give a platform to people who have been marginalised and overlooked in society for too long.

We give voice to political and social issues relating to learning disability and neurodivergence, which speak to everyone. We strive for equality of representation on stage and screen.

We change the lives of hundreds of neurodivergent people in Wales and impact their families, networks and communities for good.

Our headquarters is at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay.

Our Hijinx Academies and Hijinx Pawb community projects take place in Prestatyn (North Wales), Carmarthen (West Wales), Aberystwyth (Mid Wales) and Central Cardiff (South Wales).


Hijinx is…

Striving for equality by making outstanding art with learning disabled and/or autistic actors

on stage, on screen, on the street, in the workplace locally, nationally and internationally

for Wales and for the world.

Latest News
All about Metamorphosis

We’re premiering a new online show, Metamorphosis, as part of Green Man Festival’s online party, ‘Field of Streams’ at 6pm on 22nd August. We were really looking forward to being a part of Green Man Festival this year, and now we can continue to do so – in an entirely unique and different way! 

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Hijinx Presents Its First Online Festival

 Today, we're launching Hijinx Online/ Ar-lein [24 April – 22 May] – a free festival of theatre and film to entertain those who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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A Message from Hijinx...

Having closed our activity last Monday evening, we’ve spent the last few days coming to terms with not seeing our fantastic Hijinx actors, participants and team of both freelance and core staff every week. It’s quite a change, but the right one to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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