Frequently Asked Questions

What is Refocus? .

Refocus is a training programme on learning disability inclusion, developed by Hijinx for the screen industry. With three tiers of support to encompass any organisational model, Refocus is uniquely flexible to suit your needs. Our support ranges from one-day training to several months of consultation support, helping you make real change towards improving opportunities for and attitudes towards learning disabled and/or autistic creatives within the screen industry.

What happens in the training? .

Our one-day training brings together a small group for role-play training, with an expert facilitator and Hijinx actors running the session. Participants watch communication of varying quality between a disabled and non-disabled actor, and work together to improve and learn from the interaction they see. With communication at the core of this training, participants will be able to ask questions and disagree with each other, working together to understand the positive and negative effects of the way we communicate with each other. Learn more about the day of training and the additional support we provide here.

Can I take the training online?  .

With a hybrid model, we can provide in-person and online training depending on the size of your organisation. Given the nature of our training, it is necessary for some in-person training to take place, but for larger organisations especially, additional online training can be provided.
Find out more about our training packages here, or contact us.

Can I do this as an individual? .

We are working to develop training for individual freelancers, providing an accreditation to support your career development and showcase your commitment to learning disability inclusion. You can register your interest here.

How much does the training cost? .

The cost of our training depends on many factors: the size of your organisation, the package of training that you require, and any additional costs or services incurred. Since each package is developed bespoke with you, please get in touch today to discuss your needs and get a quote.

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