Meta 2.0

(working title)

Metamorphosis; noun. the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult in two or more distinct stages.

In Spring 2020, in response to the pandemic, Hijinx created a live online production rehearsed and performed via Zoom  MetamorphosisIt was something we had never done before, was the beginning of our journey, stage one of our transformation. Meta 2.0 will complete that journey, using our learning from the last year to emerge with an entirely new production and approach to how we make and present our work and interact with our audiences. 

Devising Cast.

Lindsay Foster

Bethany Freeman

Lucy Green

Matt Mulligan

Richard Newnham

Owen Pugh

Ashford Richards

Creatives & Production Team.

Ben Pettitt-Wade

Artistic Director

Tom Ayres

Production Manager

Ellis Wrightbrook

Senior Producer

Bron Davies

Assistant Producer

Mehdi Razi

Creative Associate

Garrin Clarke

Technical Manager

Ceri James

Lighting Designer

Robin Moore

Digital Consultant

Jonny Rees

Digital Technician

Tic Ashfield


Chris Laurich

Sound Engineer

David Massey

Wales Millennium Centre – Online Experiences Producer

Karol Cysewski, Michelle McTernan, Zach Beasley

R&D Cast