Hold Onto Me / Aggrappati a Me

Grapevine Studio & Studio Chirco

Hold Onto Me / Aggrappati a Me.

Filippo, a shy and introverted 25-year-old man, is stopped on the tram by Alice, a girl with Down’s syndrome, who asks him to accompany her home after losing sight of her mother. 

Written and directed by: Luca Arcidiacono
Produced by: Riccardo Papa
Director of Photography: Gianluca Sansevrino
Music by: Roberto Graziani
Starring: Ludovico Tersigni, Daniela Marra, Miriam Fauci 


Where and when?
Chapter, Cardiff – 21 June, 1.30pm – 2.40pm

Running Time: 19 minutes
Age Rating: Recommended 12A
Language: Italian
Access: CC | AD