PAWB at Unity Festival

PAWB is the name for Hijinx’s community activity.

PAWB provides creative opportunities for anyone who wants to perform, regardless of ability or experience. For Unity Festival 2024, PAWB have chosen the theme of ‘Artists’. Check out which artists each PAWB group have been looking at below.


Odyssey – Banksy’s Ark

Hijinx’s inclusive community theatre group features a mixture of actors with learning disabilities and/or autism, and neurotypical actors who perform together as equal partners. Odyssey’s Unity performance is inspired by artist Banksy.

Telemachus – Blank Canvas?

Hijinx’s inclusive group is for young people with and without learning disabilities who are adventurous, and love to create and perform. Odyssey’s Unity performance is inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Vaguely Artistic – Frida Kahlo

Drama Foundations – Pablo Picasso & Kara Walker

Pathways – Tracey Emin


North Young People’s Theatre – Train Tracks

This theatre group for young people teaches multidisciplinary skills aiming to support positive empowerment, essential skills and strong self-belief in young adults across North West Wales. NYPT’s Unity performance has taken a different track and does not focus on an artist.

Unity Festival – PAWB Connect – Part 1.