About Face Theatre Company


“In the beginning the world was chaos. The water and the earth were all mixed up and nothing could live there. So, the gods gathered in the six skies above and in the six worlds below to make something of the mess they had created…

Staged as micro-puppetry for an intimate audience, Creation weaves ancient stories of greed, fear and redemption, with music, narrative and strong magic, telling a tale of our times told through traditional stories and delivering a strong environmental message.

Creation, directed by Jess MacKenzie of the Leominster based disability charity ECHO, is an immersive story for all ages that stitches together traditional stories from around the world, including Spain, Greece, North America, Australia and the Inuit.

Some responses to Creation: “What a truly beautiful piece of theatre! Apart from being darkly thought-provoking, it also manages to be funny and charmingly beautiful. The miniature props are like little treasures and the actors are just amazing…” – Barbara, audience member at The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford.

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Tim Dowse: Narrator/God
Tom Fleming: Narrator/God
Jade Millward: Narrator/God
Richard Woodall: Narrator/God

Creative team:
Artistic Director: Jess MacKenzie


When and where?


📅 25 June
St David’s Hall
10.30am + 1.40pm + 3.30pm

Language: English
Recommended Age: Any
Running time: 50 minutes

Tickets: Free Event