Snooks Brothers Bank

Snooks Brothers Bank Logo

Director: Ben Pettitt-Wade
Costume: Catherine Davies
Cast: Denni Dennis, Martin Vick

Small, dark and uncomfortable, the Snooks Brothers’ Bank is a picture of inconvenience. Just the way they like it.

Little wonder then that the bank has few visitors... Until one morning, the brothers awake to a rush, with you - the customers - waiting for your money. Will the brothers’ pride survive being caught with their trousers down?

Hilarious and unruly from the moment you step foot in the door, prepare to get entangled in a world of routine, contempt and brotherly love at the Snooks Brothers’ Bank.

Snooks Brothers Bank is an interactive two-hander clown piece, ideal for non-theatre spaces. To find out about the fantastic festivals Snooks Brothers Bank has toured to previously, and for technical info and fees, download the show dossier, and watch the trailer here:








And below is a short clip of Snooks Brothers Bank in Seville:











If you are a festival or outdoor events organiser based in the UK please contact our agents Fool's Paradise for information about Snooks Brothers Bank.

For more information contact Jacqui Onions.

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