Snooks Brothers Aquatic

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Director: Ben Pettitt-Wade
Designer: Becky Davies
Cast: Denni Dennis, Martin Vick

Seeking recruits for their all-male synchronized swimming team, the Snooks Brothers have come up with a series of initiation tests for some brave hopefuls amongst the crowd. But with so many points, twirls and pliés to teach them, will the brothers manage to pull off the dazzling finale of which they seem so confident? 

As the trials descend into chaos, with one brother sabotaging the other, it is the audience that becomes the star attraction in this disruptive aquatic comedy.

This performance was created for our 2012 Unity Festival and went onto perform at Wales Millennium Centre as part of the Inspire the Flame Festival to welcome the Paralympic flame to Cardiff. In 2013 it toured to Scènes de Rue Festival in Mulhouse, France and will making waves in the theatre field at Glastonbury 2014.

For technical information download the Snooks Brothers Aquatic dossier.

Watch the trailer here:








Below is a short documentary about the process of making Snooks Brothers Aquatic by filmmaker Clare Sturges.

Please contact Ben Pettitt-Wade for further details.

If you are a festival or outdoor events organiser based in the UK please contact our agents Fool's Paradise for information about Snooks Brothers Aquatic.

For more information contact Jacqui Onions.

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