Ill Met by Moonlight UK Tour

Ill Met by Moonlight

Hijinx Theatre, UK Tour
Reviewer Bernard Bale for The Stage

If I had known that the villain was going to throw cakes into the audience I would not have bothered with my tea. That is just one of the surprises in this very unusual production - sadly the last community play from Hijinx Theatre Company, a victim of Arts Council Wales funding cuts.

The tale unfolding on stage is one of general mayhem, created by Gwarwyn-a-Throt, the last of the strange Welsh Bwcas, and his attempts to mess up the blossoming love between two country folk in need of each other. Gwarwyn-a-Throt (what a great name) has agreed a bet with his changeling, Hedydd, boasting that he can force her to become his wife when the human love story collapses. He does not however, succeed because of underestimating the power of love for which even his strengths and cleverness has no match.

Michael Wagg is the villainous but often comical and certainly sly Gwarwyn, a bit of a show stealer really, as the audience reacts every time he walks on stage no matter what disguise he is wearing at the time. So well done Michael and also well done Katy Owen who is excellent as Hedydd, his reluctant but gritty prisoner. Hannah McPake plays the love-seeking Mary Morris to Stephen Hickman’s bachelor farmer, Samuel Jenkins.

They all inter-react brilliantly in a production which is a tribute to the writing and directing of Charles Way. And loved the sets, the sort that make live drama so much more inviting.

Ill Met By Moonlight is well met by stagelight.

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