Announcing The Hijinx Residencies

From March 2012 to April 2014, Hijinx Theatre will be hosting a series of workshops for students and professionals in the performing arts given by some of the UK’s leading theatre companies and practitioners. Complicite, Hoipolloi, Spymonkey, Ockham’s Razor and many more will be leading one and two-week workshop residencies here in Cardiff, sharing their expertise in skills such as clowning, aerial work and improvisation. What’s more, because The Hijinx Residencies are generously supported by Arts Council of Wales, we are offering you the chance to train with these outstanding practitioners for a hugely subsidised fee. Details of the first two courses are below and booking has begun, so read on to find out how to get a place.


Residencies are open to performing arts students and professionals. If you are interested in booking a place, please note that there is a selection process as spaces are limited. You will need to complete a short application form. To register your interest in any of the residencies or to receive an application form, email or call 029 2030 0331. If your application is approved you will need to pay for the workshop in full before the first day.

Working Inclusively

If you have never worked alongside learning disabled performers The Hijinx Residencies are a fantastic opportunity to do so. A number of places at each course will be allocated to students from the Hijinx Academy, our advanced drama training course for talented learning disabled actors. Come ready to work in a lively, empowering and massively enjoyable environment.

All workshops will be based in Cardiff, with specific venues to be confirmed.

1. Hoipolloi

Improvisation course led by Hoipolloi Associate Director Stefanie Mueller
March 19th – 30th 2012
Fee: one week £100/both weeks £160

Week One - Getting it Wrong
Through discovering how wonderfully rich and amusing mistakes can be, we learn to worry less about getting things wrong. One of the most interesting moments watching an improviser, is the brief ‘not knowing’ before he/she takes a leap to gain footing again. Through exercises we will learn to enjoy this brief void as a performer and trust that we will land on the other side- regardless where this might be.

Week Two - Embody the Other
In contrast to starting with yourself as a base, we will aim to ‘embody the other’ as a channel for improvising. We will explore a variety of exercises to distance ourselves from our own physicality in order to discover another state of being. New impulses will guide us and we will therefore find other responses in improvisations. We will hopefully surprise ourselves and others by this new found freedom.

NB, these are two separate interlinked courses. You can apply to do either week one, or week two or both. Our preference will be for participants who are able to do both weeks.

2. Complicite

Challenging the Chorus led by Associate Artist Joyce Henderson
April 16th – 20th 2012
Fee: £100

Traditionally the Chorus is a homogenous group of people that comments on the action of a play, responding to narrative events and shaping the audience’s understanding of space, location and atmosphere. This workshop asks whether this has to be the case, or whether challenging tradition could actually lead to something far more exciting.

Through a series of exercises, the workshop will explore the conventions of the Chorus, looking at how a group develops shared rhythms and a sense of physical and spatial awareness. Then it will experiment with the limits of these conventions, asking what happens when a Chorus is formed not of identical bodies, but of individuals - of people who move, speak, and think differently to one another, but remain within the context of the story being told.

The following residencies have been confirmed for later in the year. Further details about these and other planned residencies will be released shortly, so watch this space.

3. Spymonkey

Clown workshop led by Aitor Basauri and Petra Massey
June 4th – 8th 2012

4. Frantic Assembly

Led by Associate Artist Imogen Knight
July 16th – July 20th 2012

5. Cardboard Citizens

Forum Theatre Techniques led by Tony McBride
November 12th – 16th 2012

6. Ockham’s Razor

Aerial theatre from this exciting young company
January 7th – 11th 2013

To register your interest for any of the workshops email

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