We Need Your Help

There will be a public meeting on Wed 9th Feb 2011 7pm-9pm at Sbectrwm, Bwlch Road, Fairwater, Cardiff CF5 3EF to discuss the financial and artistic restraints we find ourselves under.

Here is an overview of our situation at present.

The Arts Council of Wales will no longer support our community tour and want us to include Odyssey Theatre as part of our core work, which means a further loss of £30,000 Lottery funding bringing the total cut to a massive £104,448. ACW maintain that we are still in their portfolio and that they are supporting our work with and for the learning disabled community but at what cost? We are understandably reeling by this news which will inevitably mean redundancies but we are also outraged on behalf of our audiences and communities as we envisage that this cut will represent a reduction in what we can offer NOT a development as we had hoped and what ACW had said they wanted.

The loss of the community tour, which we knew about in June, was devastating enough but this is just another major blow. It is clear that ACW are only interested in supporting the large "national" companies and really don't care about the small communities up and down the country who are our audiences. Just a couple of comments from audience members for recent Ill Met By Moonlight tour.

"Please, please, please keep coming to rural communities - this is a lifeline."

"Do not rob audiences of this type of theatre."

We can’t make any hard and fast decisions at the moment – but people keep getting in touch to ask what they can do to help so we thought we’d contact patrons, friends and colleagues with some suggestions and information.

First – the information: have a look at Karen Price's article in the Western Mail on Saturday 18th December.

And what can you do now?

  • Write to your AM, or any MPs you know
  • Contact Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive, ACW, nick.capaldi@artswales.org.uk expressing your concern
  • Write to Dai Smith, Chair of ACW at Arts Council of Wales, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5AL
  • Write letters to the Western Mail and The Echo expressing your views
  • Please copy us in to all your letters and e-mails and the responses.
  • If you can bear it you could look at ACW's annual report for the year ending 31st March 2010 which is on their website and check out the salary package of the CEO - you may be surprised and if you want to comment on it in the press that is up to you.
  • We will be starting an on-line petition and will contact you again with details of how to sign and hope you will circulate to friends and colleagues.
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