Hijinx Online / Ar-lein: The Matthew Purnell Show

Hijinx Online / Ar-lein

We produly present, a Hijinx produciton, supported by Morrison’s Foundation and Boom. Sponsored by Bad Wolf.

The Matthew Purnell Show

A fast-paced comedy set in the near future when learning disabled and/or autistic people have taken over the world of film & TV. At the forefront is The Matthew Purnell Show, the world’s biggest chat show. Today, it’s the 100th episode, and the money people are paying a visit. But the host is running late, the camera crew are hung over, the director is missing, and a shadowy figure is lurking… Can the team get it together before their biggest show yet?

Featuring a stellar cast of 31 acotrs with learning disabilities and/or autism this is Hijinx's first short film.

Age Guidance PG. Available until Tuesday 26.05.20

Visit our FaceBook page to view a Q&A with some of the cast and crew.

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All about Metamorphosis

We’re premiering a new online show, Metamorphosis, as part of Green Man Festival’s online party, ‘Field of Streams’ at 6pm on 22nd August. We were really looking forward to being a part of Green Man Festival this year, and now we can continue to do so – in an entirely unique and different way! 

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Hijinx Presents Its First Online Festival

 Today, we're launching Hijinx Online/ Ar-lein [24 April – 22 May] – a free festival of theatre and film to entertain those who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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A Message from Hijinx...

Having closed our activity last Monday evening, we’ve spent the last few days coming to terms with not seeing our fantastic Hijinx actors, participants and team of both freelance and core staff every week. It’s quite a change, but the right one to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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